Published work

Baker, James, ‘The Royal Brat: making fun of George Augustus Frederick’, Loyal Subversion? Caricatures from the Personal Union between England and Hanover 1714-1837 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2014).

with Adam Farquhar, ‘Interoperable Infrastructures for Digital Research: a proposed pathway for enabling transformation’, Digital Humanities 2014 (July 2014). doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1092550

Milligan, Ian, and Baker, James, ‘Introduction to the Bash Command Line‘, The Programming Historian (2014).

Baker, James, and Milligan, Ian, ‘Counting and mining research data with Unix‘, The Programming Historian (2014).

Baker, James, ‘Interoperable Infrastructures for Digital Research: a proposed pathway for enabling transformation’, Digital Humanities 2014 (2014).

…, ‘Preserving Your Research Data‘, The Programming Historian (2014).

…, ‘Cradled in what? A Foreword’, Skepsi 5:2 (2013).

…, ‘Locating Gulliver: unstable loyalism in James Gillray’s The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver‘, Image (&) Narrative 14:1 (2013), 130-147.

…, ‘Jewishness and the Covent Garden OP War: Satiric Perceptions of John Philip Kemble‘, Nineteenth-Century Theatre and Film 40:1 (2013) [postprint available at figshare] doi: 10.7227/NCTF.40.1.3

…, ‘Satirising a Prince, or Making Light of a Culture of Errors’, The Comics Grid 3(1):3 (2013).

Collins, Ellen and Milloy, Caren and Stone, Graham and Baker, James and Eve, Martin Paul and Priego, Ernesto, Guide to Creative Commons for humanities and social science monograph authors (OAPEN-UK and Jisc Collections, 2013). doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.928467

Baker, James, ‘The OP War, Libertarian Communication and Graphic Reportage in Georgian London‘, European Comic Art 4:1 (June, 2011), 81-104 [postprint available at figshare].

Baker, James, ‘Review of Steven E. Jones, The Emergence of the Digital Humanities‘, Reviews in History, 1634 (2014)

…’Review of Brian Maidment, Comedy, Caricature and the Social Order, 1820-50‘, Reviews in History, 1439 (2013)

…, ‘Review of Jerry White, London in the Eighteenth Century and Robert O. Bucholz and Joseph P. Ward, London: A Social and Cultural History‘, Cultural and Social History (2014)

…, ‘Review of Marc Baer, The Rise and Fall of Radical Westminster, 1780-1890 (Studies in Modern History)‘, Cultural and Social History (2014)

…, ‘Review of Christina Parolin, Radical Spaces: Venues of Popular Politics in London, 1790 – c. 1845.‘, H-Albion, H-Net Reviews (June 2012).

…, ‘Review of Todd Porterfield (ed.), The Efflorescence of Caricature: 1759-1838, Reviews in History, 1084 (2011).

…, ‘Review of Jenny Uglow, Words & Pictures: Writers, Artists and a Peculiarly British Tradition‘, in Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 34:3 (July 2011), 408-409.

Unpublished work

James Baker, ‘Isaac Cruikshank and the notion of British Liberty: 1783 – 1811‘ (University of Kent PhD thesis, 2010).

Public writing

Baker, James, ‘Doctor Syntax: A Physical Object Analysis‘, The Comics Grid (April 2012).

…, ‘Georgian projections of French Revolutionary madness‘, The Comics Grid (January 2012).

…, ‘Mel Calman on Oil’The Comics Grid (September 2011).

…, ‘The English Bugaboo – Cruikshank to Talbot’, The Comics Grid (July 2011).

The above three articles are reproduced in The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One, edited by Ernesto Priego (London: The Comics Grid Digital First Editions, 2012), 178-183, 208-211, 244-247. Available via <>.

…, ‘Memory and Remembrance‘, British Cartoon Archive (July 2011).

…, ‘Flirting with Apocalypse‘, British Cartoon Archive (July 2011).

…, ‘Pantomime Parliamentarians‘, British Cartoon Archive (March 2011).

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