CiC event 27 April 2012

CRADLED IN CARICATURE : a multidisciplinary event

Friday 27 April 2012, COLT3, University of Kent, Canterbury

This one-day event approached the notion of ‘caricature’ as an artistic and social practice, using it to prompt debate and discussion on exaggeration, stereotyping, representation, and characterisation. The multi-disciplinary event therefore explored the following problems:

  • Why are societies framed by traditions of exaggeration and stereotyping?
  • To what extent does caricature disseminate didactic/polemical message?
  • What is the importance of media to the efficacy of caricature? How have print culture and the popular press played a role?
  • Under what cultural circumstances has caricature flourished in the past?
  • Where has caricature been located in the narrative of Western ‘art history’?
  • Are all societies and cultures (real, imagined; past, present) cradled in and constructed by caricature?

Download the #CiC12 poster here

Podcasts (in MP3 format) of each presentation are available to download below. Many thanks to Tim Keward for preparing these files.



10 Welcome

10:15 Introduction

10:30 Panel 1

11:30 Break

11:45 Guest speakers

1:15 Lunch

1:45 Panel 2 – Cradled in Contrast: The application of national stereotypes in eighteenth century caricature

  • Amy Milka (York) Next-Door Neighbours: The Contrast and Caricature in 1791 [audio] [visual]
  • Graeme Callister (York) Exchange, influence and plagiarism: stereotyping in eighteenth century travel literature [audio] [visual]
  • John Richard Moores (York) The contrasted identities in James Gillray’s National Conveniences [audio] [visual]
  • Question and Answer session [audio]

2:45 Keynote

4 Break

4:15 Workshop

  • Oliver Double (Kent) Characterisation and caricature in stand-up comedy : a practical workshop

5:30 Closing Remarks/Wine Reception


Attendance at Cradled in Caricature was free of charge though places were limited. For questions or queries about the event please email

For further announcements, please follow us on Twitter @CinCaricature.

This event was supported by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kent, the Department of History of Art, University College London, The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, and the Graduate School, University of Kent.


The above audio files and presentations (with the below exception) are, as with all content on licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Exception: all third-party images reproduced on this blog are shared under Educational Fair Use. Therefore all copyright of third-party content posted here for research purposes belongs to its original owners.

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