CiC symposium 20 June 2011

On Monday 20 June the Cradled in Caricature symposium was held at Woolf College, University of Kent, Canterbury.

The majority of the contributions are now available in MP3 format (either to listen to online or download) for those of you who missed this event. A huge thank you to all the delegates for making the symposium such a success.

A full programme can be found here.


James Baker, ‘Cradled in what?’ (presentation – download)

Session 1

Christian Moretti, ‘Virilized Men: the Urgency of Stereotyping and Its Inapplicability in Elsa Morante’s Arturo’s Island.’

Stelios Christodoulou, ‘“You can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk” 70s Masculinities in Saturday Night Fever (1977)’


Session 2
Panel A- Parodies

Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone, ‘Parodia’

Danielle Thom, ‘Bute the Boot: Caricature Without a Face in the 1760s’ (presentation – download)


Panel B – Four(or more)-Leggeds

Reeta Kangas, ‘Nazi Dogs and Hitler’s Cattle: Animals as a Device of Caricature in Pravda Political Cartoons 1941-1945.’ (presentation – download)

Diane Heath, ‘Caricatures and Exemplars in the production of monsters’ (presentation – download)


Session 3
Panel A – Censorship

Eleni Loukopoulou, ‘Caricature and Censorship: David Low, James Joyce and “Jix” in the 1920s’ (presentation – download)

Will Studdert, ‘”The Death of Music”: Jazz through the Eyes of the Nazis’


Panel B – Africa

Daniel Ruhweza, ‘Justice and the Lord’s Resistance Army’

Stephen London, ‘Apartheid Cartoons: Humour, Rejection, Reality and a Failure of Sympathy’ (presentation – download)


Session 4
Panel A – Insides outside

Pete Sillett, ‘Drawn People In Drawn Places: Caricature According To T. Hee’ (presentation – download)

Alice White, ‘Psychiatrists & Crazy Kids’


Panel B – Heroes and Villains

Jacob Bradsher, ‘Villainous caricature in Science-fiction’

Caleb Turner, ‘Super-Bodies: Viewing Truth through Magnification’ (presentation – download; movie – download)


Session 6

Michael Kliegl & Rebecca Farmer, ‘Workshop: Create Your Own 1920s Advert’ (presentation – download)

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