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Cradled in Caricature live stream

For those who are unable to make Cradled in Caricature this Friday (27 April), we are pleased to announce we have managed to coax a live audio broadcast into life (a huge thank to Tim Keward for all his efforts). By using this you will be able to hear the speakers and post questions via the chat feature in Blackboard Collaborate. It will (almost) be like being in a wet and windy Canterbury.

Details. From around 9.45 [BST] on the day follow this link which will take you to Blackboard Collaborate, enter a name, download the file, open it up and then wait for the session to appear. The software can take some time to load, so I’d recommend starting it with plenty of time before the session you want to listen to and participate in.

Please note: we have not tested the stream off-site. If you have problems accessing the stream or with its quality, please contact me on Twitter via @CinCaricature or #CiC12. All sessions will be recorded and made available as podcasts after the event, thus (as the BBC used to say) making the unmissable, unmissable.

Finally, Powerpoint (or similar) presentations will be made available below as I receive them so that online participants can attempt to replicate the full audio-visual experience of Cradled in Caricature (I recommend you download them rather than attempt to view in Google docs). Documents now removed.