Paul Mellon award Educational Programme Grant to #CiC

The Cradled in Caricature organising committee are delighted to announce that The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art have award the forthcoming Cradled in Caricature event an Educational Programme Grant.

This grant will allow Cradled in Caricature to fund the travel and accommodation costs for two postgraduate or early-career scholars of British art wishing to attend and contribute to the event. Further details of this award will be advertised shortly.

Cradled in Caricature is a multi-disciplinary event taking place on 27 April 2012 at the University of Kent, Canterbury. The event will explore the notion and impact of ‘caricature’ in society and culture through papers, delegate-led workshops, roundtables, performance pieces, exhibitions, readings, films, and posters. A call for contribution will be circulated shortly.


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