Some collections on my radar

The John Johnson Collected of Printed Ephemera relaunched this week with a splendid new front end and some improvements to the discovery interface. Alongside the now obligatory collection of image of cats, the image galleries give a real sense of how rich the collection is and how it differs from the more traditional collections of visual material held at institutions such as the British Musuem, British Library or National Portrait Gallery.

Another collection that came my way this week is the Lexikon der Revolutions-Ikonographie in der europäischen Druckgraphik 1789-1889, which includes 10,851 publicly accessible images. Professor Rolf Reichardt, one of the project leads, was until now totally off my radar but having had a pick through the project database there is plenty there for any scholar of caricature to get their teeth into, not least some examples of that staple of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century printing: Louis XVI begging for his life.

On that macabre note, enjoy!


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