Academic Writing Month 2013

Once more I’m taking part in Academic Writing Month, or #AcWriMo as it is known on the twitters. Last year I found it invaluable to get a book project going,  this year I’m hoping to use it to refine that book and an associated book proposal (stab two based on feedback, comments and a not unexpected rejection).

For those new to this, the 6 basic rules of #AcWriMo are:

  1. Decide on your goal.
  2. Declare it!
  3. Draft a strategy.
  4. Discuss your progress.
  5. Don’t slack off.
  6. Declare your results.

Last year I was on a fellowship when #AcWriMo rolled around, this year I’ll have to fit my writing around my day job, so my expectations are far more modest. Anyway, here goes:

  1. Complete the book, including all lingering referencing and footnote issues. Complete a book proposal for that book and submit it.
  2. Consider it declared!
  3. For some time now I’ve maintained a week by week Gannt Chart of my research and writing with 2/3 months of forward planning. I also draft a daily research and writing plan every Friday for the following week. So in sum, I’ll be organised.
  4. I will. I’m barely off Twitter.
  5. I usually research or write during 6 of my 10 one-hour train journeys each week (I’m a commuter). I’ll bump this up to 8 for AcWriMo.
  6. I will, promise!

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