My DH Climate Actions

Last week at Digital Humanities Benelux 2022, I had the pleasure of working with colleagues from the Digital Humanities Climate Coalition and Historians for Future to run a workshop on ‘Greening DH’. It was a productive and generative session, and I thank all attendees for their contributions and reflections. Towards the end of the workshop, Lea Beiermann asked us to consider actions we would commit to taking one week, one month, and one year from the workshop.

This post is my ‘one week’ and ‘one month’ commitments rolled together: to share in public the reading list for my Data Environmentalism module, and to collect together my DH climate actions in one blog post (as for my one year commitment, that is to mention the Digital Humanities Climate Coalition in every talk I give – which I think I’m on track for!).

So, my DH related climate actions thus far, in roughly chronological order, have been:

  • Supporting Luke Aspland, our Digital Humanities Technician at University of Southampton, in developing our ‘Equipment Purchase Policy: Sustainability and Resource Cost’ in March 2022. This policy embeds Sustainability Performance Indicators into our decision making for equipment purchases. As many of the technologies at Southampton Digital Humanities were purchased prior to the development of the policy, we are gradually auditing those historic purchases, and are using this process to inform future decision making.

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